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  • Have you been in abusive relationship and you don’t know who to talk to? You can share your story with us.

  • What do you have in Mind that makes you feel you are alone on this earth?

  • Is your family in trouble?

  • Frustrated with your life

  • You are unable to find who you are?

  • Sexually abuse by someone you never think he or she could that to you?

  • Single mother, the life is so hard for you to caring?

  • There is something you kept and you don’t know how to tell your partner?

  • Your partner has been cheated on you and you need help to face him or her.

  • Unable to continue your education and you need it so badly.

  • Do you know any women who want education so badly that need support

  • Single women who want to go back to school 

  • Or any other story who would like to share with us.


  • Do you have a question that you world like to know about Deborah Funmi Show or Fight Poverty show?show@dksuomi.com