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Support/Partner with Return of His Glory /Deborah Funmi Ministry and get  Every month different packages all Natural items herbs tea, Herbal Tinctures, infused oils, herbal syrups  books, audio, CD and various Inspirational articles to read 

Remember Everything your are buying is giving back to women and children across the World

  • Have you been in abusive relationship and you don’t know who to talk to? You can share your story with us.

  • What do you have in Mind that makes you feel you are alone on this earth?

  • Is your family in trouble?

  • Frustrated with your life

  • You are unable to find who you are?

  • Sexually abuse by someone you never think he or she could that to you?

  • Single mother, the life is so hard for you to caring? Is life difficult for you as a single mother?

  • There is something you kept and you don’t know how to tell your partner?

  • Your partner is having an affair and you need help to face him or her

  • Unable to continue your education and you need it so badly.

  • Do you know any women who want education so badly that need support

  • Single women who want to go back to school

  • Or any other story who would like to share with us.

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