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What a life

I wonder how my life could have be without God with all I went through in this life because in Him alone we can all find Peace and Joy. The life left me with a Big scars all over body but the very moment I took all my pains to the cross , The transformation begin within me.i was Abused, Rejected, Abandoned , loneliness, Blackmail because of why just her... a Black Woman ...different issues of life kicked my face off but the very day when God trained my hands for battle the kingdom of hell were in trouble of my new me. He turned my pains into joy and I never ashamed of the scars the enemy try’s to paint me. I deep myself into the Blood of Jesus and I came out with a new song that shake the foundation of Hell no matter how big their are because I have dwell in the secret place of most high and abide under the shadow Almighty . I know many of you are going through many problems of life and you are wonder how can you come out of it... there are moment that you want to end up your life. Yes I know the pains is so real that it is untreatable , it’s feels like a knife has place in you heart and it is turning and turning , you looked around no one to call friend . I have news for you ...God ... yes God He said to me Deborah i will give you new heart if you depend totally on me, likewise you!!! Jesus gave me a heart to love unconditional , yes a heart that makes me to love unconditional, a heart that have compassion for humanity . He have thesame plain for you. He said Deborah tell my people how I love them. His hands is not short to transform you. He always has plan B. Join me or send me private message we can go to this journey of your new you together . Embrace God today for your new transformation . God bless you

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