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Molestation - How to Get Your Life Back

I hear and read today that many people are struggling with flashbacks. They can see these as a part of pictures, pure negative emotions and it doesn't make them feel comfortable at all.

These are flashbacks of intimate violation during their childhood.

My approach is to explain here how I understand the whole concept of flashbacks. I am a person like the other readers visiting this place; I have my story, problems and work on myself the best I can.

For example, flashbacks show up in your mind, and you have no idea what it might be. Then you ask yourself: when did it all happen, what is the first memory I experienced?

You may get the answer in a dream or remind something soon.

You may have no idea what it is going on in your mind. It means the real problem, or the whole memory trauma is deep inside of you.

You got molested, for instance. Something bad happened in the past which tattered you into thousand of pieces.

Domestic abuse is, unfortunately, the common problem these days. Those who did it to kids, teenagers or adults are those who got hurt and traumatized in the past. They abuse others in a deep unconscious trance-like.

The result is suffering. Your mind is too distracted to live in the present moment, and you are unable to start doing something new.

In other words body, mind, and spirit are the lack of life force energy. It is a draining experience to hold negative feelings of abuse. Sadness, depression, rejection, shame, guilt kill you.

It is all toxic. Somebody hurt you, and those feelings live inside of you. You do not know the time and place where they appear. Then, present life is impossible.

For example, you are visiting your friend who has the similar house to yours. There are similar pieces of furniture you had in your family home. And boom: your flashbacks appear as a torpedo.

Molestation is the somewhat complicated issue. There is a lot of going on. Every scenario is a bit different to other people, but negativity is still the same. As there is a lot of going on inside of you, it is tough to manage everything, be OK and live in the present moment.

If you have the flashback or shattered pictures in your mind, you are ready to face the truth. I know the truth hurts but this is the only way to solve the problem.

Now, there is a way to get rid of negativity for good without persuading your mind to do it. I know one modality which helps to deal with that. What you believed in the past, persist. But you can be ready to take a challenge (flashbacks are the indicator that this is the time to do it).

If you do that, there is a chance to let your life energy come back to you.

I am sure that it is not the best moment in life to recall those dramatic events. It is quite nasty to think and feel those uncomfortable, painful memories.

Past abuse cannot get you energy back to be happy. It does not help a person to be a confident adult who feels great and lives how he wants.

Many people are still not ready to face unhappy drama from their past, but every person should make their decision.

In the perfect world, whatever happened to humans, it should not have any impact on them.

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