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Life Assurance!

Everyday with Dr Deborah Funmi Mupapa online at 7pm Finland time

Who is God?

Nothing to compare with the presence of God.

A man of God who cannot stand on the true word of God or who is afraid of saying the truth about God to his church members is not of God. Check him.. This is the time that we all have to go back to the foundation of the church.. The foundation was not formed like it is today.. No!! We have to go back to the reform and connect with God.. Not religion!!! Not what they gave us but what God instructed us..

2021 is going to be another great moment and time for us.. We have planned with our team and partners Men and Women of God to help our World... What does this mean.. We are taking our time to go through every deep details about God to help the true bride of Jesus Christ to understand their purpose, why are we here..Who is God.. How to get to connect with God.. Bringing Holiness to our churches , Homes .. Deliverance..Healing sessions Life After Death.. Understand the fully kingdom of God..Retreat, Visit Holy Land . and more., If you are interested in joining us or partner kindly visit our website or send us your email God you all.. Remember Deborah Funmi Ministry is not a church but building the End-Time Armies across the world... We are in the world but we are not part of the World.

#God #sprituality #returnofhisglory

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