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Fri, 26 Jun


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Return Of His Glory

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Return Of His Glory
Return Of His Glory

Time & Location

26 Jun 2020, 12:00 – 18:00 EEST

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About the Event

Return of His Glory is a Global Moment of God to buld the End Time Armies across the world.

God is speaking!!!

God is about o speak through His Oracles! what the bride of Jesus need in this time, in this season.

God is up to something.. This season is very Prophetic. The hour that shows every sign of God knowledge. 

This is going to be another Dimessional spiritual experince of God in our world. Dont miss to join us 

  Return Of His Glory RETURN OF HIS GLORY REVIVAL We welcome you in the name of God our Lord Jesus Christ Let us create a Man in our image. Genesis 1 -26 He Created Adam which was the full image of God and His likeness, that has the power to be able to represent God on the earth. When the creation of Adam was completed, God gave Adam the kingdom of the earth to dwell in and have dominion over all creation. But unfortunately, when Adam fell, He lost the Godly ability and the Authority that was given to him in the beginning. God retreated and left Adam John 3.16 God in His mercy didn’t want the human to perish, He came to redeem Adam from the fallen through Jesus Christ, which gave birth to the church. The church was born to carry the process of the redemption of Adam. CHURCH. Is the spiritual body of Christ, where Christ dwells to complete the process of restoration of Adam, but unfortunately the enemy didn’t leave the body of Christ to fulfill the Holy mission The enemy has raised against the body of Christ throughout the ages, by delaying the church and introduced false doctrine to derail the church far away from God through division Where there is no security, what prevails is a crime Where there is no PEACE what prevails is Fight Where there is no UNITY what prevails is division. All these are attributes of the enemy (Devil. Which gives glory to the enemy. This automatically delaying the Return of Adam to the initial position in the beginning. REVELATION 21 Return Of His Glory Return of His Glory is the moment of God to build the end-time Armies, is the Returning of the fully Kingdom of God on the Church once again. Return of His Glory is to bring the churches to be ready for the new Jerusalem that God has promised. What is RETURN MEAN? (from the Return of His Glory Book) Return means, something has been in a certain place before and got lost or diapered and it is returning back to the original place. Example, people or things returning back to a previous condition: Which means God have been with His children before and departed from them and His returning back to them. Let go again to His word in the Bible. In book of Genesis, when He made a man in His own image, the bible let us to know that He was with the man until the man open the door for a sin to separate him with God. We are realizing that the man has 100% free access to God Almighty and talk to Him. Adam was able to talk to God or ask God any question without any delaying. He has the key to God any time. The sin came in and make distant with God but God promised to come back to the human. In the book of Mathew explained it all. As devil came to separate us with God Look this, we all know how God was with the people of Israel, He love them, always protect them in all ways, people around them knew the power of God was with this particular people. He made a divine covenant with them since the time of their fathers. He called Abraham His friend, because Abraham trusted in the Lord, Isaac worked as well in trusting God and obeying God and God was with him . Genesis 26New International Version (NIV) Return Of His Glory the new Jerusalem cannot come without the church who is the bride gets prepared. The churches must walk in unity. The church has to prepare herself as was in the beginning Just as the church was made in the garden of Eden as God bride (The Bride of Jesus Christ) The devil knew from the beginning, back in the time of the creation, how powerful the church was, she was the undiluted word of God, the devil knows the immediately when the bride will be able to join together in the word of her creator, she will be unmovable. Falling of the church (from the Return of His Glory Book) Yes, the church has left God behind, in everything. The love of money and fame has taken the church away from God. The church is dealing with zeal and not the Holy Spirit. The spirit of the Lord has gone far away from the church. Deeply in the spirit I was taken higher with the angels in my dream and i was shown the spirit dealing with the Church, I saw a woman with a baby in her back she was causing confusion among the children of God in the Church. She was sitting in the church with the people of God and they were not able to recognize the spirit. After a while I saw a group of people with human bodies, they were on a line but to my surprise their heads were not similar to that of earthly people. The angel that was with me told me this particular spirit does come to the church every single time, dwelling among the church. These were some of the spirits that dwell in the church. 2nd Chronicles 7.14 If my people,which are called by my name ,shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Return Of His Glory We are in ambulance seat, spiritual emergency, we need to be healed. We want God back to us, Restoration of God Glory demands of me and you to be ready. The prophet Ezekiel 43-1 to 6 understood the sadness departure of the GLORY of the Lord. In the chapter 10-18.19 and chapter 11.23, he a vision of its Return. He had a joyful vision of its return; and of that return he gives a very graphic description. It affected him. With solemn awe (ver. 3) as well as with sacred joy. He found himself transported to the place where, as a priest, he had an official right to stand (ver. 5), and there he saw the brightness of Jehovah's presence filling the sanctuary, while he heard the voice of the Lord communicating his holy will. In the presence of the Glory of God, you have dominion, Power. God is looking who will prepare for His coming with undiluted word. As we all know, the church *Body of Christ) has been widely viewed negative around the world, because of its divisions and handily the salvation. Our Revival mission today is not to emphasis on the fallen of the church but how good and Holy we are to unite the people of God. Therefore God to use the Ephesians 4 .11-13, to complete the redemption of Eden, the shall come the Glory of God The new Jerusalem. Return Of His Glory

Dear Great people of God, what a privilege for us all to be in this season of God, seeing the manifestation of His promised happening within us and the 2nd page  of the Return of His Glory that started from Finland to the remaining part of the world. God is using the low to confound the wise. 

Let us join in the spirit praying for the movement. It is not a church but the unity of Churches. Come let us tap in His Glory and go back to our various churches with the right vision of God Glory and walk in Dominion. Deborah Funmi Mupapa  

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