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January 14, 2019

Morning Dose with Deborah Funmi Mupapa

Every day 1 hr Prayer with Apostle Prophet Deborah Funmi Mupapa

Thank you for everything and God bless



January 14, 2019

Permission To Heal

With many years of experience and training, I have allowed God to led me to a stage where to bring help to my Generation, I believe in the Power of the Word. Every Wednesday is another great day that I have made myself available for one on one with Deborah Funmi Mupapa 24 hrs service. fill the form a day before. God bless you.

The moment with Deborah was the best time of my Life. Thank you so much

Jasmine James

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January 14, 2017

Life Assurance with Deborah Funmi Mupapa

Everyday 6 pm Finland Time with Deborah Funmi Live on D&Ksuomi Network

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