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 AboutDr.Deborah Funmi Mupapa

Dr. Deborah Funmi Mupapa

is a revivalist of END TIME to equip the bride of Jesus into the perfection of God in returning back into relationship with the father as it was, in the beginning,

To reveal the secrets of wealth for the end-time plan of God

Dr. Deborah is an author, Levite Priest, by recognizing her calling she gave her full time to and launched her Ministries

Dr. Deborah Funmi Mupapa takes a holistic approach in her ministry, ensuring that those she comes in contact with not only grow in Christ, but also prosper physically, financially, and psychologically through her initiatives women of destiny evolve, A King Woman Retreat, and more.

Unshakable Faith is a testament to her dedication to the work of God and serving others

From Rejected Child, Abused. Blackmailed to Author, Humanitarian to Minister of God  International Conference Host, Singer, Award Host, Award winner, Entrepreneur. Woman of Passion! Woman of Vision!


Deborah Funmi Mupapa; an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, gospel singer, and also humanitarian.

She is passionate about providing a secure future for needy people, especially in Africa. She does this through her non-profit organization 'Empowerment of African women, (D&K Foundation) based in Finland, DRC Congo, and Nigeria respectively. She has been active in various activities in both Finland and Africa.

The very personal life and experiences of Deborah instigated the birth of Empowerment of Africa Women, which is a subsequent branch of the D&K foundation as she has turned her life trials from being bitter into being better.


Deborah Mupapa is strength personified.

After several years of emotional healing, she is now a strong, hopeful, and happy woman who is living her best life at the moment by being a voice and helping other women around her community and Africa that are undergoing similar experiences and are not able to speak out.

Her burning passion and desire to help women and girls was the main reason why she founded the Empowerment of Africa Women organization (EOAW) D&Ks foundation.


Deborah actively raises awareness about Africa on her platform thereby contributing to the restructuring of mindsets on thoughts concerning Africa. This non-political platform is used by women and girls to achieve their personal growth and development through empowerment

programs that also help to enlighten them on the importance of becoming leaders and making a difference in our generation. This has caused her to be very instrumental and serve as the backbone of empowerment to some African organizations around the globe.


In her esteemed bid to ensure that her quest is successful, she has organized several events to promote the cause of women and children in both Finland and Africa in particular.


It’s always encouraging to hear Deborah speak; contrary to people expecting a discouraged, depressed or heartbroken woman, she lives the opposite —a strong, dedicated woman who stands to be the ultimate voice of women and children in her sphere of influence.


Deborah is the brain behind the International Women's Conference (now International Humanitarian Conference) and the D&K Suomi Humanitarian Awards. An advocate and voice against sexual abuse and domestic violence, she is the convener of the "I AM STRONG MOVEMENT" a global movement promoting the culture of "Breaking the Silence" of victims and survivors of all forms of abuse.


Deborah is the president of "Black Girl's Land", a state-of-the-art, ultra-modern learning facility for women and girls, situated in her hometown, Ilorin, Kwara State, with a branch in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The convener of Women of Destiny Evolve.

Her inspiring story tells of how she has been able to overcome her past and also how she has transformed herself into becoming one of the strong and amazing women of her generation. Through her life-changing story, people learn to overcome even life's hardest situations and difficulties, especially those who think they cannot make it. Due to passion and fulfilling purpose, Deborah started the Life Assurance Show — an educational show that features: Interviews, Empowerment, and Educative Programmes with a segment that will improve wellbeing.


She is a Lover of God. Her upcoming program; "Return Of His Glory Revival" — a moment of God to build the end Time armies and bring the church to a place ready for the new Jerusalem is making waves amongst people of faith.

You will be amazed to hear her talk about her journey as a great mother and a happy wife as she treated family as her first ministry.




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