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Return of His Glory

We all want our children to listen and also obey our instructions. This is because we would not like them to fail in life or any harmful things to come their way in life. The parent is like our God on earth, They pray for us, provided us with the first education of life and also guides us on what to do in order to be successful in life.

 This is the same with God; He is our creator and wants all good things to happen to us.  He also wants to dwell with us and finally give us an everlasting life. He is the ultimate key to all what we are on this beautiful planet. hallelujah!


History of the Church:

Before we go into the Returning of the Church, I would like us to understand shortly about the mystery behind the church and how, where the church started.

What is really the Church and the mystery behind it?

Get the copy of the Return of Return His Glory book to understand what is the Plan of God and how to Return to God.


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