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  • Have you been in abusive relationship and you don’t know who to talk to? You can share your story with us.

  • What do you have in Mind that makes you feel you are alone on this earth?

  • Is your family in trouble?

  • Frustrated with your life

  • You are unable to find who you are?

  • Sexually abuse by someone you never think he or she could that to you?

  • Single mother, the life is so hard for you to caring? Is life difficult for you as a single mother?

  • There is something you kept and you don’t know how to tell your partner?

  • Your partner is having an affair and you need help to face him or her

  • Unable to continue your education and you need it so badly.

  • Do you know any women who want education so badly that need support

  • Single women who want to go back to school

  • Or any other story who would like to share with us.

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Remember Everything your are buying is giving back to women and children across the World

Deborah Funmi Mupapa Show is focusing on lifestyle. 

Deborah Funmi Mupapa Show is an educational show that will be featuring Interviews, Empowerment, Educative. With different segments that will improve lives. She has turned her life struggle into positive.

Watch out for the Show Premiere Coming Soon

Who is Deborah Funmi Mupapa

Life Assurance


Transforming my past experience into a positive future that I wanted.

From Rejected Child to Abused..Blackmailed to Author, Humanitarian to Minister of God to International Conference Host to Singer, Award Host, Award winner, Entrepreneur 

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Life Assurance

I Am Strong

Life Assurance is where we Nourish our mind, spirit, body, to discuss Jesus Christ, to learn deeply of God mystery, Heavenly things that connect to us...why we are here on this beautiful planet..our mission and where we are going at the end..To apply God to our daily Life. Read More

I Am Strong 💪 is a moment to promote women, girls' voices around the world.. to denounce the atrocity against women and Children ... Enough is Enough to Domestic Violence...Sexual Abuses, Boss sexual harassment... You are worthy of the Change you wanted, The workshop is to bring your inner vision ALIVE.

Audions and Books

The moment i know who God made me and since i understand the purpose of me on this earth, i know that i cannot keep the experience within me alone . Here is my Journey so far. 

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My Memory

God has given me this opportunity to meet Wonderful people across the world and i want to share my journey with you all. Just because I am grateful to the Almighty God..From grass to Grace..

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Peace of Mind Candle

I love Candles and flowers and i know the power in aromatherapy to our body and I have come up with these wonderful products that will benefit you all...many are in the shop to order.

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Share Your Story

Our Last International Women Conference in Nigeria open my eyes that we have a lot more to do around the world, just immediately I shared my Life story, how I was molested and rejected by people I thought I should be protected by them. But I come as one but I stand as 1000s and 1000 of women voices and girls, for those of you who are confused, the shame of someone take advantage of you...I STAND for you ......Believe me, you are not alone............ let fight together!!!!!


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